Dive Funatics Become 100% AWARE Partner

Just announced this week

Dive Funatics is honored to become the only 100% AWARE Partner in Cebu, Philippines.

“Dive Funatics is proud to join dedicated dive centers across the world who act locally and think globally.” says Darwin Bawasanta, the company’s founder and CEO. “We take pride in knowing that our donation to Project AWARE for every student diver who completes a diving course with us not only helps educate divers about ocean conservation but also supports Project AWARE’s mission to mobilize the world’s divers into a global force to protect the ocean one dive at a time.”

100% AWARE is a Partner Giving Program. All student divers who complete a course with a 100% AWARE dive centre receive a Project AWARE limited edition card. It’s a great way to remind divers that the place where they learned to dive or furthered their diving education made a gift to protect the ocean on their behalf.

Dive Funatics has consistently shown commitment and dedication to ocean conservation through its participation in Project AWARE activities such as Dive Against Debris, Adopt a Dive Site program, and by setting aside a portion of its revenue as donation to Project AWARE and its conservation programs.

Are you looking for a dive center or instructor who takes ocean protection to heart? We at Dive Funatics want to keep our undersea world clean and healthy – not just for ourselves, but for the dive community, now and for future generations to come. If conservation is important to you, choose to dive or continue your dive education with a 100% AWARE partner.

Anyone looking to take PADI scuba diving courses in the Philippines, particularly in Cebu can now confidently do it with Dive Funatics knowing that this company is actively implementing conservation efforts and supporting the non-profit organizations such as Project AWARE. Best of all, when you become certified through a 100% AWARE partner like Dive Funatics, you will receive a special Project AWARE version of your PADI certification card so that you can proudly display your support of ocean conservation!

To learn more about Project AWARE’s ocean protection efforts and how you can support marine debris prevention and shark and ray protection, visit projectaware.org.

Dive Funatics is a PADI Resort operating in Mactan, Cebu, Philippines. Feel free to contact them for more information about your diving certification needs.