Dive Insurance – Are You Covered?

Dive safety should be every diver’s consideration. This aspect has been taught the day you started with your entry level training and has always been emphasized every step of the way. Remember, plan the dive and dive the plan mantra? We can’t emphasize enough the value of a good and thorough training!

Familiarity of your dive equipment plays an important role in keeping your diving activities safe. This is why regular maintenance of your equipment, or renting it from a reputable center is as important as keeping yourself fit for the sport.

Last line of defense is ensuring that you get a dive insurance coverage, not just any insurance coverage. Unlike regular life or accidental insurance policies, dive insurance policies are designed and tailored to answer for dive related accidents and illnesses, the rigorous treatment regiment and in some cases, the evacuation from a remote place to the nearing hyperbaric chamber. Not that there is such a thing as primary and secondary insurance coverage for scuba diving.

Whether you plan to dive once a year or once a day, DAN membership and scuba diving insurance like Dive Assure are as essential for dive safety. Experience the peace of mind of preparing smarter. Then breathe easy, knowing you’re covered in case the unexpected happens.

The cost of getting dive insurance coverage is very affordable and it is only a fraction of the cost required if you are unfortunate enough to ever need it.