Earth Day April 22

Earth Day 2017

It’s that time of the year to honor environmental protection. Earth Day is celebrated every 22nd of April annually. Save the date this coming April 22, 2017, browse through our calendar of events and sign up to one you’d like to dedicate your day to.

Did you know that Earth Day started in as early as 1970? It started in a UNESCO Conference where the idea of dedicating a day to honor the Earth and the concept of peace was proposed to be celebrated first on March 21, 1970. That was the proposed date back then as that coincides with the March Equinox, the astronomical spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the astronomical autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. A month later, in April 22, 1970, a separate Earth Day focused in the US was founded by a US Senator. The original coordinators of the March 21, 1970 event took the April 22 Earth Day international in 1990 with celebrations across 141 nations.

Currently, only Earth Hour is celebrated every equinox. April 22 has come to be the day dedicated for Mother Earth. What’s your tribute to Mother Earth this year?

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