The Ultimate Gift You Can Give To Your Children’s Children

I wasn’t able to take better pictures but these #ecobricks have been handed over to Monique, ambassador of @plasticsolutionph.

These are the plastic trash that I had collected for the past six months. About 40% of this had come from the plastic trash I’ve brought home from the office and my sister and friends have helped in stuffing them. Even when I go away on vacations, I make sure to not only keep stuffing any plastics that I can’t help, but also to scourge the shorelines for more plastics. I’ve done away with plastic utensils and straws and whenever I go shopping now, I flat out refuse plastic bags, even paper bags, if I can help it. If the thing fits in my bag or pocketses, I just take the receipt and walk away. And guess what, I didn’t die! Which is apparently what happens to fishes and turtles and other ocean critters when they choke on plastics by mistaking them for food or when they simply strangle themselves with it.

My birthday wish is for everyone I know to take this initiative. That would be the best gift in the world! It’s not until December, so you have exactly six months to ease yourself into this habit. ❤ Once you start doing this, you will realize that it’s not just a birthday gift to me, it’s actually a gift for yourself, too, and moreover, to your children and to your children’s children and to your children’s children’s children, and so on.

Plastic go away, make me happy on my birthday!

It’s so easy you know, just take a bottle and a stick, then start stuffing clean and dry plastics into it. The ones that are larger will have to be cut to fit. Anything that’s not recyclable can be stuffed in there too–foil, styrofoam, wet tissues (that have been dried, of course).

Tissues are a nightmare in the ocean, too many times, during diving, I also mistake them for plastics and I try to take them out of a coral and the moment I lay a finger on them, poof… they disintegrate and there’s just no way to collect all those tiny fibers, which will again, be mistaken for fishfood. Some of those fishes will end up getting caught by some fishermen, and will end in a supermarket, end up in your groceries, end up in your table, end up in your stomach.

Overtime, this is what happens to those plastics, too. They become what’s called microplastics that eventually end up in our own bodies, and in our future children’s bodies, and these are toxic, because what plastic isn’t?

How can we continue living as we do, given that fact?

This is me getting lost on my way to deliver the plastic #ecobricks.  That’s where the new uber navigation system took us, along the riverbank of marikina river!