Top Pick: Best Dive Centers in Cebu for your PADI Course

Watching this video made us realize that we have taken for granted the beauty our country has to offer in terms of scuba diving. Probably because we are seeing the same things over and over again that we are forgetting that most people may have not seen some of these amazing creatures nor experience the warm, tranquil blue waters, beautiful coral walls and colorful and majestic tiny creatures our reefs offer. Diving in the Philippines is truly a fulfilling experience!

The country is also host to emerging dive destinations previously unknown such as Romblon, Sogod Bay Southern Leyte, Alcoy Cebu, Anda Bohol, and some parts in Palawan. What makes these new dive destinations worthy of your precious vacation time is the lack of other dives, better preserved coral reefs, different marine creatures. The only drawback is the lack of choices for dive operators, places to stay and eat. The access to these places may also be an issue especially when dive emergency facilities are a little difficult to reach, especially when time is of the essence. For practical reasons, learning to dive and getting certified is better done in well established dive sites in the Philippines because of safety reasons, contingency plans, access, facilities, choices and reasonably priced courses.

Since we are a Cebu based dive information site, we confined our choices within the area where our opinions are useful and practical, hence, we are focusing our topics to: 1) entry level certification training; 2) established dive locations within Cebu; 3) PADI affiliations; 4) Security and availability of authorities; 5) practical and logical considerations; 6) popularity in google search ranking results.

The 5th criteria is further qualified as something that has to do with locations, rates, the inclusions, ease of engagement, service, and support. More importantly, we refrain from choosing our contenders based on review sites like Trip Advisor since they can be sending partial signals especially now that quality of reviews and alleged reports of incentivized reviews are influencing the review scores and TA ranking results.

Based on our chosen criteria, we are limiting our comparison at the moment to operators in Mactan, as it is very close to 2 readily available recompression chambers, ease and access of facilities, pricing, and less likelihood of security issues normally indicated in various travel advisories against traveling to this part of our country.

Finally, here’s our Top 3 Mactan Dive Operator Side by Side Comparison.

  • Open Water Course Comparison

  • Package Name
  • Other packages to choose from
  • Agency Affiliation
  • Membership Status
  • Business Structure
  • Website
  • Included Manuals
  • Training Days
  • Training Site Location
  • AWARE Certification Card
  • Free Room Accommodation
  • Nitrox Bundle
  • Freebies
  • Online Booking System
  • Accepts Walk-Ins
  • Special Commitments
  • PCSSD Membership
  • Kontiki Divers

  • P16,990

    based on single person booking

  • PADI
  • 5 Star Resort
  • Privately Held Corporation
  • Must add P4,000 for PADI Manual or purchase eLearning course for home study
  • 3 - 4 Including Independent Study
  • Plantation Bay - Marigondon
  • Optional - Plus $10 AUD Donation
  • Inquire Directly
  • None
  • None
  • Unstated, Inquire Directly
  • SiDive

  • P14,500

    based on single person booking

  • PADI
  • Dive Resort
  • Single Proprietorship
  • 3 Including Independent Study
  • Kontiki House Reef
  • Optional - Plus $10 AUD Donation
  • Inquire Directly
  • None
  • None
  • Guaranteed Booking + Gopro4 video
  • Dive Funatics

  • P13,600

    based on single person booking

  • Silver, Gold, Platinum and Subset Courses
  • PADI
  • Dive Resort / 100% AWARE Partner / Green Star Awardee
  • Privately Held Corporation
  • 2 In-water Training Days
  • Kontiki House Reef
  • Offered on Silver Package
  • Add P5,000
  • Yes, offered during online booking
  • User defined schedule + Low Student Ratio + with Safety Divers + Gopro Videos + Marine Conservation & Responsible Tourism

Based on our carefully considered criteria and the result of tabulations, we are confidently awarding our top pick award to Dive Funatics. There’s just too much value in the service that they are offering for the price that they are asking.

All information are taken from online sources, with links provided in the table of comparison. Also, the sources as gathered are provided as screenshots to give this compilation an utmost credibility and authority.

If you feel that this is incorrectly compiled, or if we have oversights, please do not hesitate to contact us and provide us the corrections we can we reflect the up to date information as quickly as possible.

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